libnxter  0.1
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CHighPassFilterContextHigh Pass filter contex
 CKalmanFilterKalman Filter class representing the kalman model and state updates. In practice, upto only 3 dimentional state vector is usable before hitting hardware limitation
 CLowPassFilterContextLow Pass filter contex
 CMapMap class to hold a collection of landmarks
 CMatrixThe matrix class. Don't access the members directly. Use the macros MIJ() or MI() or the methods provided instead
 COdometer2Odometer class for 2 wheels drive robot base that desribes wheel anatomy and positional integration
 CPIDControlPID controller class
 CSamplerContextThe class to hold sampler context
 CSonarSonar class that represents an ultrasonic sensor mounted on a robot
 CVectorA vector that represents a 2D point by x-y coordinates and a direction angle
 CVehicleVehicle class representing a 2 wheels drive vehicle