libnxter  0.1
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 AlphaRexPlus.nxcObligatory lego mindstorms nxt alpharex program
 Angle.nxcProvides simple arithmetic for absolute and relative angles
 CaliberateMotors.nxcMotor setup caliberation utilities
 Circle.nxcCircle geometry operations
 Debug.nxcDebugging utility macros
 FiltersTest.nxcA simple test program for testing high/low filters
 HighPassFilter.nxcHigh Pass filter implementation
 KalmanFilter.nxcKalman Filter implementation for multidimentional state vector
 LowPassFilter.nxcLow Pass filter implementation
 Map.nxcA 2D map implementation that holds a set of landmark objects
 Matrix.nxcInteger matrix implementation. Provides matrix algebra, cofactor, adjugate and inverse computation
 Motor.nxcMotor control implementation
 Odometer2.nxcImplements odometery for 2 wheels drive robot base using motor tachometers
 PID.nxcGeneric PID controller implementation
 RandomNorm.nxcNormally distributed (Gaussian distribution) random number function
 RobotPrima.nxcAn experimental robotic platform for developing this library
 Sampler.nxcA sampler to sample a stream of inputs at periodic interval
 Screen.nxcDisplay functions for text and graphs
 Sonar.nxcSonar implementation with an ultrasonic sensor, optionally mounted on a sweep motor
 Vector.nxcA simple 3-components vector implementation (2D point + direction)
 Vehicle.nxcA simple 2 wheels drive vehicle implementation that can travel a set of navigation points